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Gloria and Teresa met during their first Yoga Teacher Training in India back in 2015. Since then they have been bound and even when they are on the other side of the world, as they both travel a lot, they are always connected.

Gloria and Teresa have connected again around the world, as well as in Vancouver, Canada where they both studied to become Holistic Nutritionists CNP at the same school. They are brought together through yoga, a holistic healthy lifestyle, passion for cooking plant based food and their love for travel.


"Same same, but different" they share so many things and listen to each other's suggestions, either with healthy lifestyle, or life tips in general. They complement one another.

As a team our retreats will give you a complete 360 degree of what you need to feel grounded, balanced, content, healthy, strong and leave back home with more awareness, knowledge and lots of smile on your face and love in your heart.

Gloria Giorgia Gaspari

Yoga Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, Raw/Vegan Chef

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Gloria is an experienced Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist CNP, Raw-Vegan Chef and the founder of Free the Soul Retreats. She is from Italy and you can see her Italian passion in all she does; from teaching yoga to preparing beautiful & delicious vegan meals and helping people build a healthy lifestyle.

Since she was a little kid she always wanted to make sure that everyone felt comfortable, happy and always had good food. This remains in her and she has found a way to make her passions her career.
Her teaching style is very versatile and unique. She teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Haha, Yin and Restorative yoga, but she specializes in Vinyasa Power flow. However, the way she flows is very connected with the breath, the movement of the body, dance, primal movements, the higher self and she really cares about alignment.

Her strength is the flexibility which she developed at a young age as a classic ballet dancer.

Gloria first started yoga in 2013 and has two YTT on her back. In India:  Abhinam Yoga 200hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa and in Colombia: Inbound Yoga Hatha 200hrs. Both are Yoga Alliance registered and she has also completed 1 advanced training in Thailand.

Gloria left Italy at 25 years old travelling and teaching yoga between Australia, Europe and Canada where she worked as a raw vegan chef, yoga teacher and studied Holistic Nutrition at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition Vancouver. She graduated from the program in April 2020.

For the past 6 years she has being teaching all over the world in amazing studios such as Breathe Squamish in Canada, Blue Chitta in Thailand and online for her own online classes.

Beside yoga, healthy cooking and nutrition photography and travelling are her main passions, especially travels always inspired her with new yoga methodology and new food recipes as she always check out every yoga studio and vegan cafe in town where she always learn something new. Her school is the world out there.

Gloria have so much passion in her heart, in educate people with food, stay active, self love and healthy habits. She strive to do everything with love, she is excited in what she dose and about life that you will feel excited too. She is very professional, calm and focused, but at the same time her bubbling personality will make you smile a lot while
you learning all this things.

Teresa Kasel

Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Plant Based Chef

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Teresa is an Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist,  plant-based Chef and amazing collaborator of Free the Soul Retreats.

From a young age she has had a curiosity to always learn and grow which led her to the path of educating others on their well-being. She was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in 2013 and completed her first 200 hour teacher training with Abhinam Yoga school in South Goa, India.


Ashtanga remains the core of her personal practice and the foundation of her classes although she likes to now come

up with more creative flows and faster paced sequences.

Her classes will help you to strengthen your body and mind, increase your flexibility, work on your breath and find greater self-love, acceptance and inner peace.

Teresa has been traveling and teaching in Germany, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Bali, Portugal and Mexico for the past 5 years. She is always guided by the passion of inspiring others to connect to themselves and find the courage to live an authentic life best suited for them.

Teresa also works with clients one on one in nutrition and health coaching. She is a passionate whole foods chef and loves creating new recipes inspired by her world travels and - as a health nut and nutritionist- always with a healthy twist.

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