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The artwork offers a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland's well-known fairy tale in a spiritual key. A decadent setting evokes the path of the soul through the ruins of time, revealing a connection between past, present and future and the ego that represents the transcendental journey carried out by the human being to discover himself between idealisms and memories. A connection made possible by an ancestral location combined with a set of Yoga asanas, a millenary practice that has become essential in contemporary everyday life for the search for inner peace through body movements related to breathing.

The artwork was shown winter/spring 2021 during IT'S ONLY A DREAM a pop surrealistic art exhibition with a theme Alice in Wonderland, in the art gallery Musk and Amber in Tunis 

Each piece tells its own story through imagery. € 400 per piece or € 1500 for the series of four.

Each print comes elegantly framed and we ship worldwide.




Beatrice, was born in Verona. She is an interior designer for the luxury sector and  passionate about photography, travel, literature, set design and food. Art in all its forms. She  consider her self a citizen of the world having traveled to all continents and always being open to new discoveries. Beatrice have a multifaceted and curious personality and she love to capture the world around her with the lens by re-proposing it according to her point of view. A true beauty hunter.

Gloria, was born in Verona, emigrated to Australia 10 years ago and spent the last 3 in Canada studying. She is a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Vegan Chef, Freelance Photographer and Worldwide Solo Traveler. Photography is one of her biggest passions, obviously with yoga. She constantly has the camera in her hands, during her travels, preparing some delicious dishes and to immortalize people around the world, landscapes and yoga poses. Gloria loves being able to express her creativity both through the lens and by creating yoga flow for her classes. This love is combined and completed with that of helping people feel good about themselves, happy and healthy through a holistic lifestyle. The lifeblood of Gloria is creativity. A real artist.

Beatrice Brunazzo
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Gloria Giorgia Gaspari
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