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Koh Tao, Thailand

Yoga, Pranayama, Free Diving, Holistic Food Retreat

22nd/28th  April

Beautiful Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao, “The Turtle Island,” is a small beautiful island on the Surat Thani coastline and is the main scuba and free diving destination of Thailand. The white sandy beaches, fresh local foods and beautiful sunsets will be the perfect setting for your yoga classes, morning pranayama and beautiful rituals and meditations!

Imagine a week on a paradise island, yoga, meditation, pranayama, special rituals and celebrations, healthy local holistic food, white sandy beaches, free diving, sun and so many water activities away from the chaos and stress.

A chance to deepen and renew your yoga practice through daily vinyasa flow classes, ashtanga, pranayama breathing and workshops. The week will include yin and restorative yoga, with some special ceremonies!

Indulge in tropical fruits such as mango, jackfruit and durian. Eat nourishing vegetarian/plant based foods and learn more about healthy living and holistic nutrition with our nutritionist.

It’s happening – and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

The natural beauty of Koh Tao encourages a feeling of well-being and peace and is the perfect environment for practicing yoga. Not to mention that is the best place to see the underwater life, snorkeling, scuba/free diving and the food is fresh, yummy and healthy! Rejuvenate the body, calm the mind, and connect with your inner self and inner world of the soul.

Free the Soul Retreats really pay attention to details: we take care of every single little thing and your opinion is important to us!

In Koh Tao we will

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Daily Itinerary

Deepen your meditation, pranayama and yoga practice. Improve your holistic lifestyle, experience free diving and ice baths, find valuable new connections or learn from the new. Whether it's about sharing your own life experiences, learning about a new culture, or others people experiences... You never know what you can learn from others that can affect your future choices, make a positive lifetime impact, or make you see your own circumstances in a different light.

Connections, kindness, love and learning is what we care about the most at Free the Soul Retreats and the beautiful setting of Tao island can only help in a magical way!

We will have plenty of time for healing, sharing, moving through the body, exploring the water, breathing, laughing, love in a safe environment with beautiful souls around that will support you along the way. You will also find plenty of time to look inward, explore the island, spend solo time to find yourself and deepen the connection with your own body, mind and soul.

Our yoga classes are invigorating: Ashtanga in the mornings with 30 min pranayama meditation and breathing, and some fluid vinyasa flow, yin sound healing and more restorative sessions in the evenings. You will learn about free diving which is one of the best types of meditation they say!

The local people are also so lovely and peaceful, you will feel in the right place as soon as you will arrive! Home away from home!

You will spend lot of time stretching your mind and body, finding balance, nourishing, learning about yourself and discovering a new sense of peace and tranquillity, we won't  blame you if you decide to never go back ;)

Check in will be at 2 pm, our staff will welcome you at Prana holistic cafe ( just below the yoga shala) you'll have a welcome drink then after dropping you're belongings in your room and a little time to rest or explore, we will meet in the shala for the welcome circle where your retreat will start, how exciting!

Class on the 1st and 2nd January morning are not mandatory we understand if you want to take a rest longer, we can discuss together and see the day before, nothing is mandatory, always listen to your body of course! The same applies for the free dive course.

The style of yoga in the morning will be Ashtanga primary series, you will experience also some fun vinyasa and more deep stretch with yin classes and sound healing at sunset.

Day one:
  • 2:00pm Check-in and Welcome Drink

  • 3:00pm Welcome Circle

  • 6:00 pm Sunset Yoga Flow

Day Two:
  •  7:00am Meditation , Pranayama & Ashtanga Practice

  •  10:00am Holisitc Plant Based Brunch

  • 12:00pm Free Time Explore Relax

  • 3:00pm Snack

  • 6:00pm Sunset Yoga Sound Healing & Restore

Day Three:
  • ​7:00am Meditation , Pranayama & Ashtanga Practice

  • 10:00am Holisitc Plant Based Brunch

  •  12:00pm Free Time Explore Relax

  • 1:30pm Snack, Free Diving Course Theory

  • 4:00pm Free Time Explore Relax

  • 6:00pm Sunset Yoga Fluid Flow

Day Four:​
  • 8:00am Meditation & Pranayama Practice

  • 9:00am Free Diving Course Practice

  • 12:00 Holisitc Plant Based Brunch

  • 1:00pm Free Time Explore Relax

  • 3:00pm Snack

  • 6:00pm Sunset Yoga Fluid Flow

Day Five:
  • 7:00am Meditation , Pranayama & Ashtanga Practice

  • 9:00am Ice Bath / Cold Plunge

  • 10:00am Holisitc Plant Based Brunch

  • 12:00am Free Time Explore Relax

  • 3:00pm Snack

  • 6:00pm Cacao Closing Circle and New Year Ceremony

Day Six:
  • ​7:00am Meditation , Pranayama & Ashtanga Practice

  • 10:00am Holisitc Plant Based Brunch

  • 12:00pm Free Time Explore Relax

  •  3:00pm Snack

  • 6:00pm Sunset Yoga

Day Seven:
  • ​7:00am Meditation , Pranayama & Ashtanga Practice

  • 10:00am check out


 Accommodations & Food

Blue Chitta Yoga & Free Diving Retreat Center is a home away from home! All the staff are very friendly, the dorm is so cute with a stunning view of the ocean and the best sunset that you can enjoy right from your bed or from the balcony.

The dorm is located right next to the yoga shala and on top of Prana Cafe Holistic Food, the perfect place to chill and restore after a sweaty yoga practice, a free dive immersion or a beach day.

We also offer private beach front rooms that are just around the corner.


​Included in the package

  • Wifi

  • Ice bath

  • Twice Daily Yoga practice

  • Welcoming circle

  • Closing circle

  • Cacao and New Year ceremony

  • Free diving lessons

  • Daily Holistic Nutrition talk 

  • Accommodation

  • Brunch, drinks, fruit snack 

  • Discount on any class/workshop at Blue Chitta

  • So Much LOVE :)

Not included in the package:

  • Flights

  • Visa

  • Travel Insurance

  • Extra treatments/service

Our retreats are sponsored by Supported Soul eco yoga mats

Eco-Friendly, Vegan Yoga Mats
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