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Algarve Portugal

Advanced Yoga & Holistic Nutrition

19/25th August & 26th August/1st September 2024

Beautiful Algarve, Portugal

Do you want to deepen your yoga practice? Maybe even been thinking about taking a teacher training or intensive course one day? Or maybe you are already a teacher looking to keep learning or simply getting new inspiration.

Are you working on mastering your handstands or learning more arm balances? Move through a difficult flow with ease and smooth transitions? Become more flexible while building strength and endurance?



We help you with all the above and much more in 7 days jam-packed with twice-a-day yoga, workshops on inversions, arm balances, and backbends, nutrition guidance, fresh plant-based meals made with local, organic ingredients based on holistic nutrition principles.

On top of that, both your teachers and retreat leaders, Gloria and Teresa, are also Holistic Nutritionists and plant-based chefs, so you will go home with a bag full of knowledge about healthy eating and a holistic lifestyle too!

Let us take you on a journey into health and deep connection with yourself! Our biggest goal is to impact and inspire you way beyond the experience of our retreats. 

We want to leave you feeling your best, strong possible self!

All in a stunning villa in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal with a big pool, sun beds, jacuzzi, and sauna, to pamper you up after a long day of practicing and moving.

This 7-day invigorating retreat will both challenge you and restore your balance, cultivate inner peace, and nourish your body from the inside out.

Learn to take care of yourself on a deep level, to feel empowered in your practice, to ride your edge and through that, to continue growing.

You will also meet like-minded people, who will inspire and support you in a safe environment where you can really let go and grow so much, either in your practice and as a person.

Let us help you create a strong practice you love that gets you excited to step on your mat and start taking massive action toward reaching your goals!

Join us for an unforgettable week of intensive yoga, relaxation, fun, and connection in the stunning countryside of South Portugal

Our retreats are run in a family-like atmosphere of connection, love, and mutual support.



In Algarve we will

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Daily Itinerary

We're going to guide you through a full Ashtanga practice to start the day followed by more creative, strong Vinyasa Flows in the afternoon. We designed two special workshops for you to really step up your practice of inversions, arm balances, and backbends. On workshop days instead of a second strong practice, we will guide you through a deeply relaxing restorative sunset flow.

After your morning practice, fuel your body with a delicious brunch consisting of whole foods and superfoods to boost your energy.

After brunch, you will have free time to rest, head to the beach explore the beautiful surroundings of the Algarve, go hiking, stroll through the village, or just relax by the pool.

In the afternoon we will have some healthy snacks waiting for you (think superfood smoothies, home-made energy bars, vegan banana bread, fresh fruit) as a pick-me up before your second practice or workshop.

As the perfect ending to a full day, you'll be served a delicious vegetarian 3-course dinner with local ingredients. Take advantage of having Teresa & Gloria around during meal times to ask all your questions about nutrition. They are always happy to share nutrition tips and knowledge and inspire others to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Please find our retreat program below. 

Day one:
  • 2:00pm welcome drink and circle

  • 6:00pm 90 min power vinyasa yoga practice

  • 8:00 pm dinner 

Day Two:
  •  7:00am gathering & detox morning drink

  •  7:30am 90 min ashtanga yoga practice

  •  10:00am holistic brunch 

  • excursion Sagres/Lighthouse

  • 6:00pm 90 min power vinyasa yoga practice

  • 8:00pm holistic dinner

Day Three:
  • ​7:00am gathering & detox morning drink

  • 7:30am 90 min ashtanga yoga practice

  • 10:00am holistic brunch

  • 4:00pm arm balance workshop and after 60 min yin/restorative candlelight yoga

  • 8:00pm holistic dinner

Day Four:

  • ​7:00am gathering & detox morning drink

  • 7:30am 90 min ashtanga yoga practice

  • 10:00am holistic brunch

  • free day

  • 6:00pm 90 min power vinyasa yoga practice 

  • 8:00pm holistic dinner

Day Five:
  • ​7:00am gathering & detox morning drink

  • 7:30am 90 min ashtanga yoga practice

  • 10:00am holistic brunch

  •  free time

  • 4:30 handstand workshop and after 60 min candlelight restorative yoga

  • 8:00pm holistic dinner

Day Six:
  • ​7:00am gathering & detox morning drink

  • 7:30am 90 min ashtanga yoga practice

  •  10:00am holistic brunch

  • Free Day

  • 6:00pm end of the retreat ceremony with cacao and beautiful rituals, moving the body and finishing in the most relaxing way ever

  • 8:00pm holistic dinner

Day Seven:
  • ​7:00am gathering & detox morning drink

  • 7:30am 90 min ashtanga yoga practice

  • 10:00am holistic brunch and after gathering to celebrate the end of the retreat



Our beautiful private villa, with a stunning pool overlooking the landscape, invites you to relax and get plenty of time under the warming Portuguese sun.

There is also a jacuzzi, a sauna, and lots of outside space to relax and have a chat with the other yogis.

The location is in the middle of nature but close to many attractive spots:

Portimao is a 10-minute drive away. This is the starting point for beautiful walks on the cliffs or on the beach. In Portimao itself, you can enjoy strolling and shopping. Portimao is also ideal for a day of sunbathing or swimming in the sea.

Monchique, a 20-minute drive away, is located just below the highest point of the Algarve. The village is characterized by streets with small stones that wind up toward the mountain. It is a beautiful village with many 18th and 19th-century houses.

Lagos, a 30-minute drive away, is an attractive, pleasant coastal town. Whoever walks into the center notices the vibrant dynamics of a thriving city. You will find nice terraces everywhere, there is a beautiful boulevard and numerous events are organized during the season.

Silves, a 20-minute drive, was the capital of the Algarve during the Arab occupation. It is to this that the town owes its mansions and its red castle which is worth discovering.

In the area there is also a beautiful unique pink lake!

Other possible activities: sup, surf, horseback riding, mountain biking, the list goes on. You will not get bored here :)

​Included in the package

  • 6 nights accommodation in our beautiful villa

  • 2 holistic/detox home-cooked meals, delicious & nutritious, snacks, fresh juices & smoothies each day

  • Daily yoga classes: early morning Ashtanga and and afternoon Vinyasa power flow session

  • 2 yoga workshops, handstands, inversions, arm-balance

  • 2 restorative classes the day of the workshops

  • Everyday tips onHolistic Health or Nutrition

  • Plenty of free time to relax by the pool, explore the stunning nature, towns and beaches around

  • A beautiful ending cacao ceremony

  • Daily Cleaning and services

Not included in the package:

This retreat sponsored by Supported Soul

Eco-Friendly, Vegan Yoga Mats
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