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Yoga Mallorca

Free The Soul

Yoga, Holistic Health, Nutrition & Adventure Retreats

Upcoming Retreats



Advanced Yoga & Holistic Lifestyle Retreat

August/September 2024


7 days to deepen your practice with yoga twice daily, workshops on inversions, arm balances & back bends, nutrition guidance, fresh plant-based meals with local fresh ingredients based on holistic nutrition principles. 



Meditation, Yoga, Local Food & Wine Retreat


6 days of calming meditation, invigorating yoga in the morning, nourishing sound healing and restorative yoga in the evening. Excellent local, fresh Italian food, wine tasting, feeling the real Italians vibes, hikes and spa relaxing time in the best corner of Garda lake in Northern Italy



1rst/8th November, 2024

7 Days of adventure through Morocco and the Sahara desert with daily yoga practices, stay in luxury tents in the dunes, excursions and so many fun activities in the desert



Yoga, Pranayama Meditation, FreeDiving,

Holistic Nutrition Retreat

24/31rst January 2025


7 days of pure bliss in a corner of paradise Koh Tao, Thailand! The most healthy routine and whole food, yoga, meditation, breath work, rituals, free diving, amazing connections, beach time and much more! Don't miss this out!



Yoga, Surf & Holistic Nutrition Retreat




this retreat listing it is not published yet, we are working on it.

In the mean time follow us on instagram @freethesoul_retreats or facebook page Free The Soul Yoga Retreats and stay in loop about the launch of this retreat.

If you need any info email us!

Thank you for your patience we love you!

Free The Soul

Yoga, Holistic Nutrition & Adventure Retreats

Life & emotional stressors, uncertainty, difficulties and for many of us, feelings of loneliness and disconnection, we want to help you to start over this year in the best possible way.

Or simply we want to help you gift yourself the best you time ever!

Do you want to make changes to live healthier and feel more balanced but don't know where to start?

Our holistic health & yoga retreats will help you find balance and nourish your body and soul to make you glow from the inside out.

In some of our retreats we're going to show you how to prepare quick and healthy meals, incorporate grounding rituals into your daily life and develop a yoga self-practice that is easy for you to maintain at home on your own yoga mat.

In some others we will make you go deep inside your feelings, in others will bring you on such epic adventures.


During our time together we start each day with a morning get-together, checking in before practice and setting intentions for the day. You will start your day in the best way on the mat with an invigorating yoga class followed by a delicious healthy breakfast.

After breakfast, depending on the retreat program, we will get together for a cooking class, or nutrition/health workshop, or a day trip followed by an afternoon free for you to rest, explore the beautiful surroundings, go hiking, stroll through the village or just relax at the pool, or maybe we will have some more activities for you!

We will always end the day with a sunset yoga session, usually we chose a yin or restorative class to unwind and relax before bed time.

A plant-based delicious diet with local ingredients will be prepared by our Hosts Gloria & Teresa who are Holistic Nutritionists and vegan chefs and traveled all over the world, study oversea in the past 6 years and created lots of delicious & nutritious recipes, that will make this week even more memorable for you. Again, depending on the retreat you will find Gloria or teresa in the kitchen, but don't stress if they aren't, we will have chefs to take care of you.

Join us for an unforgettable time of relaxation, fun, adventure and connection in the most stunning locations in the world.

Our retreats are based on an atmosphere of love, and mutual support.

Image by Hudson Hintze


Daily Yoga & Meditation

Connection, Nature & Adventure

Nutrition & Holistic Workshops

Healthy & delicious meals

Feed the soul 

With our CNP Holistic Nutritionist expertise we cook in a holistic way using only whole food ingredients that nourish your body and soul.

We avoid packaged or processed foods to our best abilities and do our best to buy local, fresh and organic whenever possible from local farms in the area.

All recipes for the majority of the retreats are Gloria and Teresa’s collection of their travel-inspired cooking of various different cuisines from middle eastern to Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and much more.

Occasionally there will be retreats where we will not be your vegan chefs, but you will be still nourished by healthy, fresh and local food.

The retreat menu will follow our principles to use only vegan/vegetarian ingredients, with plenty of raw, vegan, and gluten-free options to suit all dietary needs. Each meal at the retreat is freshly prepared by us with lots of love!

Think smoothie bowls, chia pudding with fresh tropical fruits, or homemade granola, freshly baked nut and seed bread with hummus and avocado for breakfast; buddha bowls with organic greens, quinoa, brown rice, roasted veggies, and sprouts, hearty soups, curries or tacos with a healthy twist for dinner!

Retreat Leaders


Gloria Giorgia Gaspari

Gloria is a Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist, Raw/Vegan Chef and a solo worldwide traveler made in Italy!

You can see her Italian passion in all she does, from teaching yoga to preparing beautiful and delicious vegan meals and to helping people build a healthy lifestyle. 

Her teaching style is very versatile and unique, she teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa power, Haha, Yin and Restorative.

 She specializes in Vinyasa Power flow. Although the way she flow is very connected with the breathing, the movement of the body, the higher self and she cares deeply about the alignments, that's because of her strong Ashtanga and classic ballet background. She always try to make her students to learn something each class with their heart, mind, body and soul. She never take life to seriously and she will try to steal a smile from you all the time.

You will leave her class with a sense of joy, calm, strength & love.

Teresa Kasel

Teresa Kasel

Teresa is an Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist and plant-based Chef made in Germany.

From a young age she has had a curiosity to always learn and grow which led her to the path of educating others on their well-being.  

Her classes will help you to strengthen your body and mind, increase your flexibility, work on your breath and find greater self-love,

acceptance and inner peace. 

She is always guided by the passion of inspiring others to connect to themselves and find

the courage to live an authentic life best suited for them. She also love to get inspired from others and new coltures, that's why travelling is one of her biggest passions!

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